"My recent vocal session
at Rotund Rascal
Recording using the Pearlman TM 1
microphone was great!
  I got the exact sound
I was looking for." 
Ken Scott (The Beatles, David Bowie, Elton John, Jeff Beck, etc.)

The Pearlman TM 1 can
also be heard on MTV's "The Osbournes!"


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Church Microphone

The PEARLMAN “CHURCH” microphone is a faithful remake of the Stanley Church MGM microphone from the 1950’s.  I have stayed true to the original schematics including the use of vintage, refurbished K47 and M7 capsules, a hand selected 6072 dual triode (12AY7) and the original TRIAD transformer that is being made again especially for PEARLMAN MICROPHONES after fifty years of it not being available. The CHURCH mic is built in the same housing as the TM-1 and comes with all the goodies; power supply, shockmount, handbuilt Mogami cable and aluminum carrying case.  This is truly a limited edition mic as only a limited number can be built. 

You will not believe your ears.  Please inquire for International Shippng.





  This new addition to the PEARLMAN line is a limited edition, custom order recreation of the famous Telefunken 250.   Starting at the top this microphone utilizes a C12 type capsule hand-made in Denmark by Tim Campbell. A genuine AKGCK-12 capsule can be installed (whenever they are available) for an additional price.  Old style carbon resistors are used in the audio circuit to maintain the original sound.  A select 6072 (12AY7) tube is hand picked and tested for use in the microphone as only the best tubes will be used.  The CINEMAG output transformer is an accurate replica of the original part from a sixties era Tele 250 and delivers that beautiful, vintage smoothness.  All mics are still hand-made one at a time and are wired point-to-point. Included in the system is the custom American made power supply, shockmount, hand wired Mogami cable, and a smart looking aluminum carrying case.   Please inquire for International Shipping.

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